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Welcome to The Viking Age Compendium

The Viking Age Compendium contains our ongoing research into the material culture of Viking Age Britain. The Compendium details the kinds of items and clothing worn by people both living in or possibly visiting Britain between 800 and 1100AD. Currently our concentration is on Wargear, Clothing and Jewellery. Going forwards we hope to also add articles on Viking Age crafts as well as everyday items found in the home.

The articles found here are largely works in progress and so we have rated them out of 5, with 1 star being a planned article for the future and 5 stars being an article completed to the best of our current knowledge. If you are aware of any information that we have missed, or any errors we have made, please feel free to contact us at

The Compendium is divided into two main areas. The first is our collection of articles, some of these are more finished than others. The articles present information from finds, art and literature as well as a discussion section that summarises published opinions and theories.

The second area contains our catalogues. There you will find lists of finds and archaeologically important locations. We have attempted to include web links and bibliography information for every item to assist with your own research.

We hope that you find the information here helpful.

Gavin and Louise Archer

Research News

  • February, 2015 - Banners from Literature: Due to the volume of quotes we've decided to create a separate page.
  • January, 2015 - Banners: An overview of Banners from 800AD to 1200AD. Still a work in progress.
  • January, 2015 - Regia Anglorum Authenticity Guide: We've written a re-enactment guide for women, men and warriors from 793AD to 1215AD broken into 6 time periods.
  • Sept, 2014 - Seaxes: A first preliminary look at Anglo-Saxon war knives.
  • June, 2014 - Tents and Work Shelters: Looking at what period evidence we have for tents.
  • June, 2014 - Drinking and Blowing Horns: A quick look for Viking horn mounts
  • March, 2014 - Swords found in Britain: Carrying out a review and updating images and added more swords. We've also added a county index.
  • February, 2014 - Art by Gavin Archer: We've uploaded some more manuscript images as drawn by the authors.
  • Oct 12, 2013 - Manuscript Search: Updating the Manuscript pages to include a search feature that will be expanded in the future.
  • Sept 29, 2013 - Coats (Men): Expanded the article as part of our research into Women's coats .
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Picture stone from the Isle of Man
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Featured Article

London, British Library, MS Cotton Tiberius C VI, fol.9r - Detail.jpg

Square Neck Tunics

An Eleventh Century Fashion
A look at the evidence for men's tunics having square neck facias during the C11th. The article looks at the current theory regarding the fashion's origin and explores who the people were who may have adopted it.

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