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It is not the intention of the authors to infringe anybodies copyright. All of the work borrowed from other authors or artists contained in The Viking Age Compendium are either in the public domain or are used hopefully inline with the 'fair use' UK copyright law. If you are aware of anywhere where we have infringed copyright please let us know my emailing and we will immediately rectify the situation.

Public Domain

Copyright Length

Our understanding is that the copyright expiry for published books is calculated as follows:

before 1911 - 42 years from the publication of the work or the life of the author + 7 years (whatever was longer).
from 1911 onwards - Life of the author + 70 years

It is our assumption that books published prior to 1911 are most probably out of copyright and hence we can use their artwork here in the compendium. A list of books that we have used as sources of images can be found in the Subcategories list below.

Images used under Public Domain

Fair Use

To help us illustrate an article we sometimes use artwork or photos that may be still within copyright. In these instances we always use low quality thumbnails and add a link or reference to the original source of the image.
We also use short quotes or translations from other authors. These are usually formatted in green and just like borrowed images are referenced. It is hoped that by including short excerpts of other authors work that it will encourage people to seek out and purchase for themselves a copy.

Images used under Fair Usage

Creative Commons

Images used under Creative Commons

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