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Tents & Work Shelters

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/* Bell Tents */
==Bell Tents==
This is a cone shaped tent supported by a single central pole. It is interesting to note that all of the depictions from the Utrecht Psalter depict them with a cross at their apex. Possibly meaning that they were used for Ecclesiastical purposes.
===From the Psalters===
* 820-835AD Utrecht Psalter* 1025-1050AD & 1125-1150AD London, British Library, MS Harley, 603 fol.24v, 68r Harley Psalter * Utrecht 1150AD Cambridge, Trinity College, MS R.17.1, Edwine Psalter fol* 1180-1200AD Paris, BNF MS lat.24v 8846, Anglo-Catalan Psalter
File:Tent Utrecht Psalter fol 24v.jpg | 820-835AD Carolingian <br> Utrecht Psalter f.24v
File:Tent Utrecht Psalter fol 34v.jpg | 820-835AD Carolingian <br> Utrecht Psalter f.34v
File:Tent Utrecht Psalter fol 48v.jpg | 820-835AD Carolingian <br> Utrecht Psalter f.48v
File:Tent BL Harley MS603 fol 24v.jpg | 1000-1025AD Anglo-Saxon English <br> BL Harley MS603 Psalter f.24vFile:Tent BL Harley MS603 fol 68r.jpg | 1025-1050AD Anglo-Saxon English <br> BL Harley MS603 Psalter f.68r
File:Tent Edwine Psalter f.73v.JPG | 1150AD English <br> Edwine Psalter f.73v
File:Tent Edwine Psalter f.105r.JPG | 1150AD English <br> Edwine Psalter f.105r