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Primary Sources

Reference Primary Source Primary Author Cite
Anderson, Joeseph; Hjjaltalin, Jon A. and Goudie, Gilbert (1873) The Orkneyinga Saga. The Orkneyinga Saga ? Anderson, Hjjaltalin & Goudie 1873
Ashliman, D.L. (2010) Rígsþula, The Lay of Rig.. Poetic Edda - Rígsþula, The Lay of Rig Unknown Ashliman 2010
Bacon, Leonard (1914) The Song of Roland, Translated into English Verse. (Available Online) The Song of Roland ? Bacon 1914
Barlow, Frank (1992) The Life of King Edward, who rests at Westminster. The Life of King Edward, who rests at Westminster. ? Barlow 1992
Bohn, Henry G. (1853) The Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon: Comprising The History of England, from the Invasion of Juluis Cæsar to the Accession of Henry II. Also, The Acts of Stephen, King of England and Duke of Normandy. (Available Online) Bohn 1853
Crossley-Holland, Kevin (1982) The Anglo-Saxon World, An Anthology. Including the complete Beowulf. 2. The Finnesburh Fragment
4. The Battle of Maldon
5. The Battle of Bruanburh
16. Ohthere's Voyage to the White Sea


Crossley-Holland 1982
Douglas, David Charles and Greenaway, George William (1995) English Historical Documents, 1042-1189. (Google Books Preview) ? ? Douglas & Greenaway 1995
Garnet (1912) Beowulf & Fight at Finnsburg. Beowulf & Fight at Finnsburg Unknown Garnet 1912
Gem, S. Harvey (1912) An Anglo-Saxon abbot. Ælfric of Eynsham, A Study. (Available Online)

Aelric's Grammar and Glossary (part) pp.49-50
The Catholic Homilies (parts) pp.67-71, 82-83, 94-98, 112-140
Lives of the Saints (part) pp.79-80, 141-165
The Pastoral Epistle (part) pp.80-82
Life of athelwold pp.166-181
A Colloquy For Boys pp.182-195

Aelfric of Eynsham Gem 1912
Giles, J. A. (1847) William of Malmesbury’s Chronicle. Kings of England from the earliest period to the reign of King Stephen 1125AD. Kings of England from the earliest period to the reign of King Stephen William of Malmesbury Giles 1847
Giles, J. A. (1848) Six Old English Chronicles. Ethelwerd, Asser's Life of Alfred, Geoffry of Monmouth, Gildas, Nennius & Richard of Cirencester. 1. The Chronicle of Fabius Ethelwerd from the beginning of the world to the year of our Lord 975. pp.1-42
2. Annals of the reign of Alfred the Great from A.D. 849 to A.D. 887. pp.43-88
3. Geoffrey of Monmouth's British History. pp.89-294
4. The works of Gildas, surnamed "Sapiens," or the wise. pp.295-382
5. Nennius's History of the Britons. pp.383-419
6. Richard of Cirencester on the Ancient state of Britain. pp.420-494
1. Ethelwerd (c.)
2. Asser of Saint David's (c.)
3. Geoffrey of Monmouth (c.)
4. Gildas (c.)
5. Nennius (c.)
6. Richard of Cirencester (c.)
Giles 1848
Goodwin (1948) The Life of St. Guthlac.. The Life of St Guthlac Felix Goodwin 1948
Gummere (1910) Beowulf, The Harvard Classics, Volume 49. (Available Online) Beowulf ? Gummere 1910
Hakluyt, Richard (1893) The Discovery of Muscovy, with The Voyages of Ohthere and Wulfstan from King Alfred's Orosius. Hakluyt 1893
Ingram, James (1912) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles'. (Available Online) Ingram 1912
Killings, Douglas B. (1996) The Battle of Maldon.. (Available Online) The Battle of Maldon Unknown Killings 1996
King, P.D. (2007) The Annals of the Kingdom of the Franks. The Annals of the Kingdom of the Franks Unknown King 2007
Laing, Samuel (1907) Heimskringla, A History of the Norse Kings. Revised with notes by Rasmus B. Anderson. Laing 1907
McClure, Judith & Collins, Roger (1969) Bede, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. Oxford World's Classics. Republished 1999. McClure & Collins 1969
McClure, Judith and Collins, Roger (1999) Bede The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. Translated from the Latin. Mcclure & Collins 1999
Morris, John (1976) Domesday Book, 12 Hertfordshire. Phillimore. Morris 1976
Nelson, Janet L. (1991) The Annals of St-Betin. Ninth-century histories, Volume 1. Manchester Medieval Sources series: Ninth-Century Vol. I The Annals of St-Betin ? Nelson 1991
Reuter, Timothy (1992) The Annals of Fulda. Ninth-Century Histories, Volume II. Manchester Medieval Sources series: Ninth-Century Vol. II The Annals of Fulda ? Reuter 1992
Sellar, A.M. (1907) Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England. A Revised Translation. (Available Online) Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England Bede Sellar 1907
Stevenson, William, Henry (1904) Asser's Life of King Alfred, together with the 'Annals of Saint Neots'. 1. Asser's Life of King Alfred
2. Annals of Saint Neots
1. ?
2. ?
Stevenson 1904
Swanton, Michael (2000) The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles ? Swanton 2000
Tayler, Edgar (1837) The Chronicle of the Norman Conquest from the Roman de Rou, by Master Wace. (Available Online) The Chronicle of the Norman Conquest from the Roman de Rou Master Wace Taylor 1837
Waite, Greg (2000) Annotated Bibliographies of Old and Middle English Literature VI. Old English Prose Translations from King Alfred's Reign. ? ? Waite 2000
Watkins, Anne. E. “Aelfric's Colloquy. Translated from the Latin. Paper No. 16.” 2010. (Available Online)

A Colloquy For Boys

Aelfric of Eynsham Watkins 2010