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Giles, J. A. (1848) Six Old English Chronicles. Ethelwerd, Asser's Life of Alfred, Geoffry of Monmouth, Gildas, Nennius & Richard of Cirencester.
Primary Source:
1. The Chronicle of Fabius Ethelwerd from the beginning of the world to the year of our Lord 975. pp.1-42
2. Annals of the reign of Alfred the Great from A.D. 849 to A.D. 887. pp.43-88
3. Geoffrey of Monmouth's British History. pp.89-294
4. The works of Gildas, surnamed "Sapiens," or the wise. pp.295-382
5. Nennius's History of the Britons. pp.383-419
6. Richard of Cirencester on the Ancient state of Britain. pp.420-494

Primary Author:
1. Ethelwerd (c.)
2. Asser of Saint David's (c.)
3. Geoffrey of Monmouth (c.)
4. Gildas (c.)
5. Nennius (c.)
6. Richard of Cirencester (c.)

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