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Visible Hair

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An alternative interpretation is that they depict a long scarf.<br>
Owen-Crocker considers the evidence for Viking art to represent bare hair either worn in a bun or more commonly in a knotted pony tail. <br>
==Small Pins==
|Archaeology =
*York, 4 finds of bone (MacGREGOR, MAINMAN and ROGERS 1999, p.1949)
*Norfolk, 16 finds (MacGREGOR, MAINMAN and ROGERS 1999, p.1949)
|Discussion =
Margeson suggests that these small pins could have been used to secure a veil, head-dress or worn in the hair. [MacGREGOR, MAINMAN and ROGERS 1999: p.1949]
An alternative interpretation of these leather finds is as slings. [MOULD, CARLISLE and CAMERON 2003: p.3411]