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Tents & Work Shelters

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/* From other Manuscripts */
* C10th Fulda Sacramentary
* 1025-1050AD [[Illuminated Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts 900-1066AD#T84|T84]] Vatican Biblioteca Apostolica, reg. lat. 12
* 1109-1111AD Dijon Bible of Stephen Harding
* 1155-1160AD New York, Pierpont Morgan, M 724, Edwine Psalter prefatory cycle
File:Tent Leiden I Maccabees.JPG | 850-900AD Carolingian <br> Leiden I Maccabees
File:Tent Fulda Sacramentary C.jpg | C10th Carolingian <br> Fulda Sacramentary
File:Tent Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica, reg. lat. 12, fol 29r.jpg | 1025-1050AD English <br> Vat, Bib. Apos. lat.12 f.29r
File:Tent Dijon Bible of Stephen Harding 1109-1111AD.jpg | 1109-1111AD <br> Dijon Bible
File:Tent Pierpont Morgan, M 724 1155-1160AD.jpg | 1155-1160AD <br> English Pierpont Morgan, M 724