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Completion Rating
This article's completion rating is 2 out of 5. Article structure and content is subject to change as data is still being collected.

This catalogue only includes Manx crosses that contain images of people.

Entries are numbered after the Manx Museum numbers designated by Kermode in 1928 and in brackets his previous system as published in 1907 [KERMODE 1907]. The 1907 system replaced his previous catalogue from 1892 [KERMODE 1892].

Pre Scandinavian

61(50) Rushen, Calf of Man


Known as: K.1907 No.50, K.1892 No.81-Rushen III
Side A: "Crucifix, at one side a soldier with spear. Christ is represented with head erect and eyes open, clothed in the "Tunicata Palmatae," sleeved and reaching to the feet. The soldier with arms bare." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.30 [KERMODE 1892]

79(51) Maughold

Known as: K.1907 No.51, K.1892 No.65-Maughold XVII
Side A: "Below the circle, figure of a man, nude or in tight fitting garments, with the limbs spread out." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

80(65) Maughold

Known as: K.1907 No.65, K.1892 No.67-Maughold XIX
Side B: "left of shaft with robed figure having peaked beard facing shaft. The lower half with figures of stags and hounds."[KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

96(67) Maughold

Known as: K.1907 No.67, K.1892 No.66-Maughold XVIII
Side A: "the figure of a monk seated on a stool, below, man on horseback, below, a boar and other animal." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

98(72) Maughold

Known as: K.1907 No.72, K.1892 No.68-Maughold XX
Ornament: "on the shaft the figure of Virgin with nimbus and Child; in the centre a circle formed by the Step-pattern, on either side of which a cock."
"The lower panel is divided by a central line, up the left side of which a procession of four animals, perhaps Deer, followed by Dogs, and irregular scroll-work ; at the right is a man on horseback—resting his enormous head on the horse's neck, twist and angular work."
[KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

95(68) Santon

Known as: K.1907 No.68, K.1892 No.84-Santon III
Side A: "a man on horseback" [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.32 [KERMODE 1892]


119(93) Jurby

Sigurd Fafni's Bane

Sigurd stabbing dragon
Known as: K.1907 No.93, K.1892 No.39-Jurby III
Side A: "To the right a dragon scored, and man piercing him with a sword—another illustration of Fafni’s Bane. Below, Sigurd sucking his thumb ; below, a horse." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

120(94) Melew

Sigurd and the Dragon

Side A Sigurd
Known as: K.1907 No.94, K.1892 No.4-Malew I
Side A: "at the right side, figure of Sigurd armed with a sword, and holding on a spit the heart of the dragon Fafni ; below, separated by a broad band, an elaborate knot; at the left, figure of a horse broken off at the neck;" [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.15 [KERMODE 1892]

121(95) Andreas

Sigurd and the Dragon, Gunnar in the Worm-pit

Side A Loki
Known as: K.1907 No.95, K.1892 No.5-Andreas V
Side A: "on the shaft, a robed figure, probably Loki, manacled, attacked by a serpent."
Side B: "left, representation of Sigurd roasting the heart of the dragon Fafni; above, his horse Grana and one of the talking birds ; below, another dragon with interlacing and Sigurd with a sword stabbing it."
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]


Sigurd saga, Loki and the otter

Side A Loki
Known as: K.1907 No.96, K.1892 No.69-Maughold XXI
Ornament: "rude figures of man and animals on one face." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]


124(97) Bride

Thor Stone

Side B Man w. net - below cross right
Known as: K.1907 No.97, K.1892 No.22-Bride II
Side A: "to the right, the figure of a man with a spiral device above his shoulder; below, a plait-of-nine, below a horse or stag (the back broken off) with figures of men, two seated and one prostrate under him; to the left of the band, the figure of a bird, below, a man by the side of which a coiled ropework serpent ; below, a small figure of a man ; below, a man with arms a-kimbo and legs outspread, the spaces between his limbs being filled with knotwork"
Side B: "to the right of this band the figure of a Man with a Net, over his left shoulder a shaped device; below a bird and a stag, ornamented with interlaced work, and having a knot between its limbs,—at back and front of which is a hound; below, a square of diagonal Key-pattern ; below, two hounds with collars—the rest is broken off. To the left of the band the figure of a Bird, a Man with a spear, and a Stag; under the Stag a Man with a knife, at its back a hound" [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]

125(98) Jurby

Odin Stone

Man w. pole
Known as: K.1907 No.98, K.1892 No.41-Jurby V
Side A: "on the right a Boar, below, a stag ; on the left a robed figure with Trident, below, figure with pole over his shoulder and a man hanging by a rope at the end of it." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.7 [KERMODE 1892]

127(99) Jurby

Heimdall and Hynla

Known as: K.1907 No.99, K.1892 No.40-Jurby IV
Side A: "above the left arm of the cross a robed figure, another over the other arm is now broken off."
Side B: " The other face has a Twist of four cords on the shaft, above the arms figures of men (one with a long horn or trumpet issuing from his mouth)" [KERMODE 1892]
Runes: Dated to 950-1000AD "... ... his son and raised(?) another ... in memory of Þorb-..." [RunData:Br Olsen;200B ]
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.11 [KERMODE 1892]

126(100) Michael

Odin in Valhalla

Side A right
Known as: K.1907 No.100, K.1892 No.74-Michael IV
Ornament: "at the top, figure of a man with nimbus, below this have been three other figures of men—one upside down—with beaks like birds, and below, a boar"
"on the other side is a boar followed by a hound, a bird-headed man with bare knees, armed with sword and spear, below, a fish."
[KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.3 [KERMODE 1892]

129(101) Michael


Known as: K.1907 No.101, K.1892 No.76-Michael VI
Ornament: "at the right a kilted figure attacked by an eagle."

" The other face in the centre, a figure with nimbus fringed and bearing three small incised crosses, having the arms outspread as if in the act of blessing, below the feet five large pellets; above the circle on the left the figure of a cock on a branch showing the loop-pattern; to the right a winged figure beneath which is a Triquetra. " [KERMODE 1892]

Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.8 [KERMODE 1892]

128(102) Andreas

Odin and the Fenris Wolf

Known as: K.1907 No.102, K.1892 No.7-Andreas VII
Size: 14" x 7½" x 2¼" thick
Side A: human figure, bird and wolf
Side B: human figure, serpent
Runes: Dated to c.940AD. "Þorvaldr raised (this) cross." [RunData:Br Olsen;185A]
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]:Fig.4-6; p.8

Figure Subjects

131(103) Andreas

Known as: K.1907 No.103, K.1892 No.6-Andreas VI
Side A:
Side B: "below the cross, a robed figure seated sideways on horseback, in front of which is a band with Tendril pattern." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes: Dated to c.940AD. "Sandulfr the Black erected this cross in memory of Arinbjôrg his wife. ..." [RunData:Br Olsen;184]
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]:p.8 [CUMMING 1857]:fig.9

130(104) Michael

Side A right bottom
Known as: K.1907 No.104, K.1892 No.73 Michael III
Side A: " The space to the left of the shaft contains a stag attacked by a hound, below, a robed figure, the left hand raised, the right resting on his sword ; that to the right has immediately below the circle an animal like a lamb, below, a harper in tight-fitting garments playing on his harp of four strings ; below, a long robed figure standing with left hand extended." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.28 [KERMODE 1892]

132(105) Michael

Side A right
Known as: K.1907 No.105, K.1892 No.75 Michael V
Side A: "above the cross, the figure of a stag followed by a hound. On the back of the stag a small bird pursued by a falcon. To the left of shaft a man (bearded) on horseback, below, figures of animals ; on the right are figures of animals. " [KERMODE 1892]
Side B: " on the left side stags and hounds at their backs, at the right a man on horseback followed by a spare horse. Below the cross are two dragon-like figures. Below, a stag with a hound at its back. "[KERMODE 1892]
Side A: "On one edge is a Cock. The other edge bears the Inscription, and at the top the figure of a warrior, with round shield and spear. "[KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [CUMMING 1857]:fig.13 [KERMODE 1892]

Scripture Subjects

147(116) Bride

from a mould
Known as: K.1907 No.116, K.1892 No.25-Bride V
Side A: "a representation of the Temptation. Adam to the right and Eve to the left, in profile, the Tree without overhanging branches, and no serpent." [KERMODE 1892]
Runes:  ?
Bibliography: [KERMODE 1892]


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