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Welcome to The Viking Age Compendium

The Viking Age Compendium contains our ongoing research into the material culture of Viking Age Britain. The Compendium details the kinds of items and clothing worn by people living in, or possibly visiting, Britain between 800 and 1100AD.
Our articles are all largely works in progress and each is given a completion rating out of 5. If you are aware of any missing information, or any errors, then please feel free to contact us at
We hope that you find the information here helpful.
Gavin and Louise Archer

Research News

  • October, 2015 - Swords and Swords found in Britain:A major amount of work has been done regarding swords with still more to do....
  • September, 2015 - Round Shield Designs:Research so far. More images to follow.
  • September, 2015 - Swords:Updated and corrected the typology chart. Still need to add some typology images.
  • September, 2015 - Hedeby Viking Museum:Photos from our recent trip to the Museum
  • August, 2015 - Bibliography: Complete reworking of citations and references - Ongoing!
  • July, 2015 - Bows: Updated following resent research.
  • July, 2015 - Stools, Benches and Chairs: Categorising types of Viking Age seating.
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